Research portion of the website Launches 2/24/13

At Stock Market Prodigy, our approach is to provide you with the research to help you make better trading decisions tomorrow. The psychology of the market is played out in price patterns. Therefore, we will not provide commentary, only statistical analysis of price patterns so that you can profit. Our goal is to deliver the best un-biased pattern based research available.

Our approach is to take the market one day at a time. There are no projections, no hunches, just facts presented by the data. Everyone knows that the market does not care about one's opinion, we choose to listen to what the data is saying and leave the opinions to others.

Our analysis is completed each evening around 9pm EST.

You must be a Registered member of the website to see any of our research. Free members can view historical research, paid members get access to real-time, actionable research.

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